Generate an Unlimited Amount of Leads for Your Business- Part 5

Posted by Vernon Simpson on September 16, 2013

For the last few weeks I have been sharing with you some great advice on the tactics and strategies you can put in place to provide your business with unlimited leads to create the customers you want for your business. This week I am concluding this particular series of business advice this by showing you how to manage all this with a great lead management system.

Lead Management Systems

Once your lead generation strategies are in place, you’ll also need a system to manage incoming inquiries. You’ll need to ensure you receive enough information from each lead to follow up on at a later date. You’ll also need to create a system to organise that information, and track the lead as it is converted into a sale.

Gathering Information from Your Leads

Here is a list of information you should gather from your leads. This list can be customised to the needs of your business, and the type of information you can realistically ask your potential customers for.

• Company Name

• Name of Contact

• Alternate Contact Person

• Mailing Address

• Phone Number

• Fax Number

• Cell Phone

• Email Address

• Website Address

• Product of Interest

• Other Competitors Engaged


Lead List Management Methods:

Once you have gathered information from your lead, you’ll need a system to organise their information and keep a detailed contact history.

These days the simplest way to do this is with a database programs

Electronic Database Programs

• High level of organisation available

• Unlimited space for notes and record-keeping

• Data-entry required

• Examples include: MS Outlook, MS Excel, Maximizer

• Customer Relationship Management Software

However, you can also do it the old fashion way by using a variety of hard copy methods such as the following :

Index Cards

• Variety of sizes: 3×5, 4X6 or 5X8

• Basic contact information on one side

• Notes on the other side

• Easy to organize and sort

Rolodex System

• Maintain more contacts than index card system

• Easily organised and compact

• Basic contact information on one side

• Notes on the other side

• Can keep phone conversation and purchase details


• Best if leads are managed by a single person

• Lots of room for notes

• Inexpensive

• Difficult to re-organise

• Best for smaller lists

Business Card Organiser

• Best for small lists – under 100

• Limited space for notes

• No data entry required

• Rolodex-style, or clear binder pages

Well that concludes this series on generating an unlimited amount of leads for your business. I hope you found it interesting, useful and fun.  However, if you really want to find out more and get some help in putting all this into your business then visit: or make an appointment with me by clicking this link:


Until the next time

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